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Brand owner: Saeid Azizi

medadvice.netBrand name:Abnoos Jewelrywww.es.medadvice.net/premier-miracle-noir-mask/

Designers: Saeid Azizi & Zahra Gholizadeh Koli

About Saeid azizi:

education: bachelor of science in handicraft

education provider: Tabriz Islamic Art University

employment: manager and designer in newtouch architecture company  and jewelry designer

About Zahra Gholizadeh Koli:

education: master of science in industrial design

education provider: Amirkabir University of technology

employment:interior designer, animator and jewelry designer.

About Abnoos jewelry:

This brand has been established in Tehran since summer 2014 till now.

Brand purposes:

creating beautiful and smooth figures, designing based on 2 strategies:

۱- minimalism

۲- Persian classic or traditional designing

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